Tube lights are most often associated with commercial incandescent and fluorescent lighting, which tend to be high on the energy hogging scale. Thankfully, you can upgrade your older bulbs with much more energy efficient and eco-friendly LED tube lights, which provide better color rendering, lower maintenance and a very high lifespan (sometimes as long as 100,000 hours). All of these LED tube lights - including LED T8 and E26 bulbs - can be used as a direct replacement for your incandescent lights in offices, storage facilities and more.

BulbAmerica has an excellent assortment of high-quality and long-lasting T8 LED bulbs that you can use to swap out your 100-watt incandescent bulbs with a replacement as low as 6.1 watts. This type of light is preferred in applications where you need dispersed task lighting and area lighting in standard-height ceilings. We also offer LED T9 light bulbs that you can use to provide quality omni-directional lighting with dimming capabilities. BulbAmerica carries LED tube lights by the industry's best brands, including Satco, American Lighting and Philips.

If you have tube lights in your home or business, you know that they can consume a lot of energy. For years, traditional incandescent and fluorescent tube bulbs were the energy-sucking standard for commercial locations across the country. Now, with LED tube bulbs, brightness, color-rendering and energy consumption are optimized in individual bulbs that can last for up to 100,000 hours.

At BulbAmerica, we carry a wide range of LED tube lights from some of the industry's leading bulb manufacturers, including Sunlite, American Lighting, Philips, and Ushio. Our wide assortment of T8 light bulbs can be used to replace old, energy-hogging incandescent bulbs rated as low as 6.1 watts. We also offer E26 Medium, G13 2-Pin, and S14s based LED tube lights and T9 bulbs that provide high-quality omni-directional lighting with dimming capabilities. Whether you're shopping for your home or business, conserve energy, increase brightness and save money with our great LED tube lighting options at BulbAmerica.