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HPL Family
Product Benefits:
  • Special ultra compact filament design (UCF) provides high lumen output
  • Reinforced pinch seal for extra mechanical strength
  • Unique top bridgeless construction improves beam uniformity for lamps with ≤ 120 volts
  • Unique gas fill improves light output and minimizes risk of arc-out
  • Foam packaging for easy handling and installation
  • Special heat sink base provides superior durability in high temperature applications
  • Optimal system performance when combined with the OSRAM TP22H socket

OSRAM HPL medium and high voltage lamps are widely used within the entertainment industry. OSRAM HPL uses an Ultra Compact Filament (UCF) design, which creates maximum efficiency and extended lifetime. The unique top bridgeless construction for lamps with ≤ 120 volts virtually eliminates filament shadowing, for optimal illumination. All OSRAM HPL lamps are wrapped in foam, allowing for easy handling and installation, without the risk of contaminating the surface of the quartz capsule.


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