PAR38 light bulbs are a top-notch choice for a wide range of commercial, residential and transportation illumination needs. Ideal for recessed lighting and stage lighting, these high-performance 4.75-inch diameter A-shaped bulbs provide a controlled, bright lighting source thanks to their built-in reflector. PAR38 LED lights are an ideal choice for anyone looking to boost their home or facility's efficiency and lower operation costs, as they can effectively replace energy-sucking incandescent bulbs in almost all applications.

BulbAmerica has a huge variety of PAR38 LED bulbs for you to choose from. There are options ranging from 3 to 30 watts, which can effectively replace incandescent lights that use up to 100 watts, depending on which style you choose. We supply LED PAR38 flood lights, including dimmable PAR38 LED flood lights, plus wide- and medium-base options, at BulbAmerica. Choose from a variety of color temperatures, including colored options, as well as lumen outputs in our selection. We supply affordable LED PAR38s by GE, Philips and more.


A. Will PAR38 LED bulbs work with my motion sensor fixture?
Q. Fixtures with motion sensors, especially older fixture motion sensors that are not LED rated, allow a trickle current through the circuit so the motion sensor can remain operational. This trickle current can be enough to illuminate the LED bulb.
The solution would be to replace the motion sensor with an LED rated sensor that has circuity to prevent this.