When your light bulbs start to flicker or burn out, place an order with BulbAmerica for single tube 4-pin 2G7 bulbs. These bulbs will fit perfectly with 2G7 light fixture bases. Before you place your order, ensure that this is the base of your light fixture to ensure that you get the right bulbs the first time.

Ranging from 7w to 11w, BulbAmerica offers a wide range of 4-pin 2G7 bulbs. Browse the selection available from USHIO, Sylvania, and Satco. Find the wattage you desire and then choose a color that will have the best level of white balance for your area. In some areas of the home, you may want muted colors. In the kitchen or office, bright fluorescent bulbs might be exactly what you are looking for.

In addition to these standard single tube light bulbs, BulbAmerica offers germicidal, compact and other varieties to meet specific needs. Explore the models that you need to find your perfect light.