Mix things up in your Christmas decorative design plan by infusing it with random twinkling Christmas lights. Twinkling lights invigorate your lighting displays, and add more visual interest to what you’ve created. Dancing lights always dazzle and delight, and there are many ways to use them during the holiday season.

Twinkling Christmas Tree

Do you remember the first time you saw twinkle lights on a Christmas tree? Maybe you were too young to remember, but you do remember being mesmerized by a twinkling Christmas tree light show. Now it’s your turn to give your tree the dancing light treatment, and you can do that by picking twinkle light string sets that are easy to use. Because you’re in control, you can place the string around the entire tree, or just portions of it, blending twinkle bulbs with steady lights for visual variety.

Twinkling Ceiling

Just like real stars twinkle in the night sky, you can create your own starry universe indoors by installing twinkle lights on ceilings. There’s no need to light the entire ceiling. You can simply install strings around ceiling edges, and hang icicle lights crossways to achieve awesomeness.

Twinkling Windows

Trying to figure out what to do with windows? Line indoor windows with strings of white twinkle lights to give your holiday décor a magnetic boost. The lights enhance whatever decorations are on and near windows.

Twinkling House

Besides Christmas trees, the next most popular way to make good use of random twinkling Christmas lights is home exterior decorating. Imagine adding twinkle lights to doors, roof eaves, and porch railings. These lights also add excitement to unique holiday designs sitting on your lawn.

Twinkling Outdoor Trees

The trees on your property are a blank canvas for twinkle light sets, and you can use your skill with wired light sets to make them shine bright. Add twinkle lights to any healthy tree using BulbAmerica clear white or multicolored twinkle sets. Choose sets that twinkle randomly or sets that mix continuous bulbs with random twinkle ones.