Osram XBO© - Xenon Short Arc Lamps

XBO© - Xenon Short Arc Family
Available in double end, reflector (XBO® R) and ceramic xenon (XBO® R) designs.
Product Benefits:
  • High luminance / radiance with intense point source
  • Continuous and broad spectral distribution
  • High color rendering > 95
  • High arc stability
  • DC operation

OSRAM XBO Xenon Short Arc Discharge Lamps (≤450W) provide bright light with high color quality and a near perfect color rendering in the visible range (with index >95). The intense point source provides a broad and continuous spectral distribution of light. OSRAM XBO lamps (≤450W) are the perfect match for fiber illumination applications within the Medical and Scientific areas. Surgical lighting devices benefit from the exact color rendering and intense beam. Trust in OSRAM, which has been producing trustworthy and superior quality XBO lamps for over 60 years.

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