Give your Christmas trees and home spaces a memorable decorative touch with BulbAmerica garlands. Garlands beautify your tree with natural elegance and they look gorgeous when paired with traditional antique or modern Christmas ornaments. Find just the right garland to drape around a mantle or to wrap around staircase banisters for festive flair. You can also use them to decorate an outdoor porch.

Traditional Fir, Pine and Spruce Garlands

When you think of garlands you most likely picture a long green strand of faux fir, pine or spruce needles. Crafted of PVC and other durable materials, traditional garlands are of a certain length and feature a specific number of lush green tips. Typically, the higher the tip count, the longer the garland string. These ultra-realistic garlands look great as they are, or with additional decorative accents such as bows and sprays.

Lighted Garlands

Lights add dazzle to your decorations, and garlands with embedded Christmas lights give you the best of two decorative accent worlds. Miniature lights are tastefully woven among the tips and they blend nicely into the garland, so you can enjoy it unlit as much as you do when it’s lit up. Imagine turning your indoor staircase banister into a stunning showcase of greenery and bright lights. This garland style also looks amazing on mantles.

Non-Traditional Garlands

You can use non-traditional garland styles such as hemlock and weeping cedar to create unique decorative room accents. Champagne colored garlands are the epitome of posh elegance, and lighted styles look fabulous when placed near your champagne Christmas tree. Non-traditional can mean choosing an unexpected shape or color. Consider hanging a teardrop garland on your porch. White garlands represent purity and winter, while an orange garland represents the changing leaves of fall. Intertwine red garlands with green ones for a festive holiday theme.

Tinsel Garlands

Expand your home decorating options with tinsel garlands. High-quality tinsel garlands feature natural-looking tips and come in fun colors such as red, lime green and pink for decorative variety.