Holiday Decor

You’ve got big decorating plans for this holiday season and you’re seeking special decorative elements to bring your designs to life. Find everything you need for creative Christmas decorating at BulbAmerica. Simply browsing the wide selection of decorative items is sure to inspire plenty of great ideas. Sometimes you just need one special item to get started on a project, and you’ll find them in the holiday décor section.

Centerpiece Décor

The easiest way to create a lovely centerpiece for your holiday dining table is to save time by using pre-made centerpiece bases. Classic designs are spherical shapes made of natural-looking fir or pine tree tips. This pre-formed greenery is the start of something great, and all you need to do is add other decorative items that you have in mind. Choose a plain base piece or one embellished with elements such as pine cones and artificial berries. Imagine what these centerpieces look like with a large white candle in the middle.

Berry Spray Décor

During the winter months, small red berries are found on certain shrubs, and their natural beauty stands out among green branches covered in white snow. Spray designs use artificial berries, but their deep red color is perfectly reproduced. Berries on sprays are often combined with artificial twigs and greenery for realism. Pick up one or more berry sprays to use in your homemade centerpieces and as vibrant decorative accents around the home.

Bow Décor

Holiday celebrations wouldn’t be the same without decorative bows, and you’ll find plenty of festive bows in all sorts of colors and sizes. A large red bow attached to the outside front door symbolizes the gift of family and friendship. Attach a bow to a garland to enhance its appeal.

Flower Décor

You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the beauty of flowers in your home. Artificial flowers maintain their color and shape while on full display, making them a great choice for enduring floral themes. Create no-fuss holiday bouquets using packs of real-looking amaryllis, roses, magnolias, and poinsettias.