MR Halogen Bulbs

The MR halogen light bulb collection from BulbAmerica offers more than 500 options for various lighting needs. MR is a particular type of bulb, and the "MR" stands for "multifaceted reflector." These bulbs were originally created to be used in projectors, but were found to have many more useful applications. Today, they can be used nearly anywhere.

MR bulbs are smaller, have a whiter appearing light and more precise beam control than the PAR or BR bulbs. This makes them easier and more convenient to use. They are also available with a cover glass that provides UV protection and also works for color filters.

This bulb collection includes the MR8, MR11, MR13, MR14, MR16, MR18, GU10 base MR16, JDR MR16, colored MR16 and there is a section for accessories like sockets and lampholders as well. The number after the "MR" indicates the diameter of the bulb in eighths - the MR16 has a 2 inch diameter, while the MR8 has a 1 inch diameter, for example. These bulbs also have black or silver backings which prevents light from spilling out of the back of the bulb in open fixtures.

Uses for the MR bulb include installation in museum galleries, retail stores and residential display or accent lighting. Other uses include consumer lighting, track lighting, desk lighting, spot lighting and more.

The MR halogen light bulb collection offers different sizes and brands, as well as a special section with various colors. Accessories are also included in this section so you can find everything you need for your lighting purposes in one place.

Choose from hundreds of these convenient bulbs for endless uses. Each bulb is described in detail with attention paid to color temperature, lifespan, size, watts, volts and base type. Brands like Satco, USHIO and Sunlite offer high-quality design and satisfaction guaranteed.