OSRAM Sylvania Bulbs

Osram sylvania

Osram Sylvania Bulbs

Osram Sylvania lighting does not only cover bulbs for everyday applications like home, business, retail, and restaurant lighting; they offers a wide selection of specialty HID lamps for stage & studio lighting and scientific lighting. HTI and HSD bulbs have long been favored lamps among theater techs, photographers, and others for theaters and studios. From around 30W to more than 1,000W, Sylvania metal halide lamps provide extremely bright and efficient lighting that can be used in a multitude of fixtures. Osram’s HTI and HSD LOK-it lamps are also popular in stage & studio applications where easily installed and replaceable lamps are needed. Many photographers, cinematographers, and stage lighting designers use fixtures that require doubled ended bulbs, for this reason.

Osram Sylvania has assembled a comprehensive line of lamps offered in a variety of wattages and color temperatures. For scientific and medical lighting, Osram offers bulbs for dental, diagnostic, microscope, surgical applications, and endoscopes. Osram Sylvania replacement lamps are popular in these medical and scientific fields because of their excellent color rendering and light quality.

For all the reasons discussed above Osram Sylvania remain the industry standard in lighting for every application. From MR16s, to PAR can bulbs, to color changing LED bulbs Osram Silvania lighting has the lighting consumers need with the performance and efficiency that they can rely on.

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