Platinum Bulbs

Platinum's commitment to innovative products and precision construction make their light bulbs and lamps an industry favorite among lighting designers, theater technicians, and architects. Platinum offers halogen, CFL, LED, and HID bulbs that balance long lasting performance with clean light and superior color rendering. Platinum understands that from Broadway to the hallway, consumers deserve the most technologically advanced light bulbs and lamps in the industry. Whether consumers need metal halide lamps for their moving head lighting systems or precision MR16 bulbs for their kitchens, Platinum has the professional grade lighting products for the job.

Founded in 1972, Platinum Lighting has become a driving force in the lighting industry. As a leading lighting innovator, Platinum has helped to expand the many applications and capabilities of LED Light bulbs in the American market. In fact, Platinum Bulbs was the first manufacturer to offer a line of color changing LED bulbs for home, commercial, and other display purposes. As a major innovator in high performance / professional halogen lighting product line, Platinum has continued to offer a larPlatinum line of long life, energy saving light bulbs. Throughout its 40 year history, Platinum has worked to improve and perfect hundreds of existing and new lighting technologies.