Christmas sprays make it easy to come up with lots of different ways to decorate your home and create unique artistic accent pieces. The BulbAmerica spray collection includes a nice array of seasonal sprays perfect for your projects. Find realistic floral sprays with and without pine cone and berry embellishments. Silk flower sprays add instant beauty wherever you place them, and charming berry sprays bring a touch of natural color to decorating. There are numerous imaginative ways to include sprays in your decorating plans.

Table Centerpiece

Table centerpieces featuring pieces of spray are often the first thing people notice when entering your dining room. The centerpiece is more than just a decoration; it also helps you set a festive mood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. For the holidays, create a homemade centerpiece that complements the table setting and room décor. Build your centerpiece around a certain spray style or use them to enhance core centerpiece items.

Enhance Christmas Trees

Decorating a Christmas tree is something you and your family look forward to every year. While you’re usually happy with the results, you know that there’s always room for one or two more elements to make your tree extra special. How about adding a few berry sprays around the tree? Or opt for metallic or glittering sprays for a bit more visual excitement.

Wreath Decorations

Placing a wreath outside your front door is a wonderful way to welcome visitors during the holiday season. Adorn wreaths with decorative sprays to add to their natural charm. Sprays that include pine cones blend naturally with wreath greenery. A few berry sprays pay homage to nature’s bounty.

Transform Doors and Windows

Invigorate the appearance of doors and windows with spray accents. You can do this by cutting pieces of paper or felt material and gluing on select spray pieces. Arrange the décor over the door or on window sills to beautify them for visitors.

Create Unique Art Pieces

Use your imagination to think of creative ways to incorporate spray pieces into unique handmade art. One fun idea is to decorate empty wine bottles using ribbons, lace and assorted decorative items. Stick sprays inside bottles to create lovely accent displays for side tables and mantles.