What are the different wattages and beam angles available for a PAR38 can bulbs?

Wattages will vary depending on whether the bulb is an incandescent, fluorescent, HID, LED, or halogen.
Incandescent: 31w -250w
Fluorescent: 11w -100w
High Intensity Discharge (HID): 16w -250w
LED: 8w -30w
Halogen : 31w -250w

Beam angles may vary depending on bulb type, wattage and manufacturer.

Super Spot (SSP): 4˚
Very Narrow Spot (VNSP): 5˚ - 6˚
Spot (SP): 8˚
Narrow spot (NSP): 6˚ - 13˚

Narrow Flood (NFL): 20˚
Flood (Fl): 25˚ - 30˚
Wide Flood (WF): 32˚ - 48˚
Very Wide Flood (VFL): 45˚+