50 5mm Multi Color LED Christmas Lights, Green Wire, 4" Spacing

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5mm Wide Angle Multi Color LED Christmas Lights on Green Wire,
Non-removable bulbs, 100,000 average hours, cool to the touch,
50 multicolor 5mm LED lights, green wire, steady


Bulb Type: LED
Bulb Size: 5mm
Light Color: Multicolor
Wire Color: Green
Light Display: Steady
Watts: 3W
Power: 3 watts, 120 volts, 22 gauge, 60 max sets connected, UL Listed, Energy Star Certified
Length: 17.3 Ft.
Dimensions: 6" lead, 4" spacing, 6" tail, 17.3' total length
Plugs: Fused/Stackable male plug, end-to-end connectors