Philips 13865 / 681022 - 75w 12v MR11 Dental Halogen Bulb

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Philips halogen reflector lamps offer the ideal no-fuss solution for a wide variety of medical, projection and scientific illumination systems. Their proven reliability makes them ideal for retrofit installations. The burners are precisely aligned for optimal light performance. Dichroic reflectors ensure heat dissipation towards the back of the optical system, which helps the optical system remain within temperature limits. A special bluefilter version blocking out unwanted light above 700 nm is available for dental curing applications. In addition, you get all the proven advantages of halogen technology such as a CRI of 100 - the same as natural sunlight for the best possible color rendering. Halogen lamps also create a comfortable warm white light, and they maintain their high lumen output with almost no lumen reduction throughout their lifetime.

- Volt: 12v, Watts: 75w
- Base: G5.3 2 Pin
- Colortemp: 3400k, Color: Natural White
- Shape: Mr11
- Rated Life: 35 hrs, Dimmable


General Information
Base G5.3
Operating Position Universal
Rated Life 35 hrs
Light Technical
CRI 100
Voltage 12v
Controls and Dimming
Dimmable Yes
Mechanical and Housing
Cap-Base Information 4.8
Bulb Material Quartz-UV Open
Reflector Finish Smooth
Luminaire Design Requirements
Bulb Temperature (Max) 900 C
Pinch Temperature (Max) 400 C
Working Distance WD 26 mm
MOL 1.400 in (35.6 mm)
Diameter 1.378 in (35.0 mm)
Product Data
Order product name 13865 75W G5.3/4.8 12V 1CT/10X5F
UPC Code 8718696681022
Order code 324053
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