9 Inch C7 Falling Icicle Cool White Bulb

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Wintergreen Lighting 9in C7 LED bulbs transform traditional lighting, offering sustainability for the future through energy saving technology. 120 volt replacement LED Falling Icicle Christmas bulbs. Enjoy a fresh perspective on lighting - display Falling Icicle lights indoors or outdoors for dazzling effects. These LED bulbs offer over 60,000 hours of use. E12 - Candelabra bases screw into existing sockets making upgrading to LEDs easy.
-Falling Icicle cool white LED replacement lamps.
- C7 LED bulb with 16 diode count.
- Nickel bases prevent corrosion in sockets.
- Unique snowfall and meteor effects: hang Falling Icicles from light stringers. 9" tube length - mix and match lengths for staggered display.
- 0.35 watts per bulb. 120 volts. Long lasting with 60,000 average hours.