EJL 200W 24V MR16 Projector 16mm Color printer bulb has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

EJL 200W 24V MR16 Projector 16mm Color printer bulb

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EJL 200W 24V MR16 Projector 16mm Color printer bulb
Bulbamerica 200 watts 24 volts MR16 bulb Halogen Movie Projector and Color Printer replacement light bulb

Cross Reference:
- Code 52240
- Code 143316
- Atlas/Thorn A1/252
- EFOS 3017
- Eiko 02260 EJL
- GE 29150 EJL
- LD Caulk 644101
- MDT/Castle 12-2024-10
- osram 64644
- osram 54730 EJL
- Philips 13164
- Philips 31508-5 EJL
- Ushio 1000300 EJL, JCR24V-200W

The EJL bulb used in following Applications:
- Photo enlargers
- 8mm Movie Projector
- 16mm Movie Projector
- Color Printer
- Medical equipment as: Dental Photo Curing, Examination & Operatory


Abbreviation Name EJL
Ansi Code EJL
Base GX5.3 2-Pin
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Temperature (K) 3400K
Filament CC-6
Lamp Finish Clear
Maximum Overall Length (in) 1.75
Rated Life (Hours) 50
Shape MR16
Voltage (V) 24V
Wattage (W) 200W
Front Glass No Front Glass

Equipment used in

AVE Corp. Canary
Beseler Dichro DG Colorhead
Beseler Dichro 23DGA Colorhead
Beseler Dual-Dichro Colorhead
Castle Rolux I
CBS Laboratories Astro Color
CEC Astro Color
Dentsply/Caulk Prisma-Lite
Durst North American Laborator L1000
Durst North American Laborator L1200
Durst North American Laborator 401
Eastman Kodak Analyst II
Eastman Kodak 250S
Eastman Kodak 250E
Eastman Kodak 120M
Eiki ENT-0
Eiki ENT-1
Eiki ENT-2
Eiki ENT-3
Eiki ESL-1
Eiki ESL-2
Eiki ST-0H
Eiki ST-1H
Eiki ST-2H
Eiki ST-3H
Eiki NT-0
Eiki NT-1
Eiki NT-2
Eiki NT-3
Eiki SL-0
Eiki SL-1
Eiki SNT-0
Eiki SNT-1
Eiki SNT-2
Eiki Trojan TRM-0-TRST-OH
Elmo 16-CL M/O
Elmo 16-CL-OPT
Elmo 16-ALR
Elmo 16-AL M/O
Elmo 16-AL-OPT
Fumeo 8M
Fumeo Aula Super
Fumeo VI-TR
Hokusin SC-10
Hokusin SC-10S
Hokusin 5C-11
Kalart Victor Moviematic 80-25
Keeler Dental Head Light Unit
LD Caulk Caulk PR1
LD Caulk Prisma Lite
MDT Rolux I
Pavelle 401 Color Head
Radmar Model 1580-RVC
Radmar 3161
Rangertone/Hokusin SC-10
Rangertone/Hokusin SC-210
Rangertone/Hokusin X-310
Singer Corporation Insta Load 1115
Singer Corporation Insta Load 1120
Singer Corporation Insta Load 2110
Singer Corporation Insta Load 2120
Singer Corporation Insta Load 2160
Singer Corporation Insta Load 2170
Viewlex Super 1600
Viewlex 35043
Viewlex 35181
Viewlex System 16