GE TAL 417A 35W 12V MR16 GU7 Plug in base Halogen bulb

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GE TAL 417A 35w 12v GU7 ConstantColor Precise MR16 GU7 base Narrow Spot 6 degree Halogen Light bulb
GE ConstantColor TAL 417A 35w MR16 - the only choice for Consistent High Quality Light and Long Life
The GE TAL 417A lamp provides crisp white halogen light for dramatic accents and highlights. With the GE TAL 417A bulb the colors appear rich, vibrant and natural.
Ordinary MR16 lamps can produce a murky, green light as they age, discoloring lighted objects.
The GEs TAL 417A exclusive coating means no light loss due to coating degradation. The result is over 90 percent maintained light output over life. The GE TAL 417A ConstantColor coating withstands the test of time.
TAL 417A ConstantColor PRECISE lamps are designed to control UV without reducing light. UV Control means less fading and discoloration of objects being lighted.

- GE 81282 TAL 417A ConstantColor Precise MR16 halogen bulb
- Wattage: 35w
- Voltage: 12v
- Base: GU7 Turn and Lock - Lumens: 475Lm
- Rated life: 4000hrs
- Beam Spread: Narrow Spot 6 degree
- Color Temperature: 3200K


Lamp type Halogen - MR
Bulb MR16
Base Turn and Lock (GU7)
Primary Application Indoor Spotlight
Filament C-8
Rated Life (NOM) 3500 hrs
Initial Lumens (NOM) 475
Center Beam Candlepower (CBCP) (NOM) 8500
Color Temperature (NOM) 3200 K
Nominal Initial Lumens per Watt (NOM) 14
Wattage (NOM) 35.0
Voltage (NOM) 12.0
Maximum Overall Length (MOL) (NOM) 1.8800 in (47.7 mm)
Bulb Diameter (DIA) (NOM) 2.0000 in (50.8 mm)
Product Code 81282
Description 35MR16/Q/6/TL-AX
UPC 043168812825
Front Glass No Front Glass


We recommend modifying the fixture to accept a 12v GU5.3 base MR16 bulb as it is more commonly available.