OPTIMA 5 Meter 16.4Ft. Warm White 150 LED Strip

Optima Lighting SKU: 5050-30WW
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This flexible LED Strip are sold at continuous 16.4 feet length. You are able to cut at every 3 LEDs. LED Strip can be cut to size at marked intervals and rejoined by a simple solder or solder less connection.These 12 volt LED Strips are sold in one reel of 16.4 feet (5 meters) increments. If you select a quantity of "1", you will get a roll of 16.4 feet (5 Meter) LED Strip. If you select a quantity of "3", you will get 3 rolls of 16.4ft./roll total length = 49.2 feet (15 Meter), and so on.Designed for both the lighting professional and amateur, this LED Strips are very easy to install and uses 3M Tape backing for easy mounting. Just peel and stick to any clean flat surface.LED Strips require a Power Supply with a 12V DC output.You can find the Power Supply needed for your LED Strip by multiplying the LED Strip Length with Power Consumption/ Meter (3.28Ft.)Example: LED Strip Length = 5 Meter (16.4Ft.)Power Consumption = 6.6W / 1Meter (3.28Ft.)Power Supply needed = 5 x 6.6W = 33W = > you will need a Power Supply with a higher Wattage output than 33W


Application Ideal for Cove lighting, showcase lighting, signage, channel letters, symbols, accents, borders, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, step lighting, decorative lighting, and especially for narrow area lighting such as under cabinet lighting or unde
Beam Angle (deg.) 30
Color Warm White
Luminous Flux (LM) 270Lm/3.28Ft
Number of LEDs 30 pcs/3.28Ft.
LED Chip Size 5050 SMD
Cable Type Uncovered
Power Consumption 6.6w / 3.28ft (33w / Roll)
Voltage (V) DC 12V
Length (in) 196.8
Height (in) 0.472
Width (in) 0.472


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