OSRAM 24W T4 2G11 GFT24DL CFL Germicidal Light Bulb

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OSRAM 20849 24W T4 2G11 GFT24DL CFL. The 20849 is a high quality germicidal
lamp. Germicidal Ultraviolet lamp technology is a non-chemical approach
to bacterial disinfection. UV light emitted by these bulbs, in the 100-280 nanometer range,
destroys bacterial microorganisms. The matched HG spectral output guarantees effective disinfection results.
The 315 mm long 20849 has a factory warranty of 9000 hours. This OSRAM 20849 is 24 watts and has a rated life of 8000 hours.

Cross Reference:
- OSRAM 20849
- OSRAM HNS L 24W 2G11
- OSRAM Abbreviation Code GFT24DL/2G11/SE/OF
- Light Tech Light Sources LTC24W/2G11
- Philips TUV PL-L 24W 4pin
- Sankyo Denki GPL24/K


Abbreviation Name GFT24DL/2G11/SE/OF
Base 2G11
Bulb Type Germicidal Bulb
Rated Life (Hours) 8000
Shape Single Tube 4-PIN
Wattage (W) 24W


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