OSRAM HMI 1200w /DXS metal halide bulb

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Osram Sylvania

OSRAM HMI 1200w /DXS metal halide bulb
OSRAM HMI 1200w /DXS metal halide bulb has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.
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The HMI 1200W/DXS iks for the film, TV and still photography industry.
Osram Metal Halide HMI lamps are the professional’s choice for exterior and interior daylight lighting. Thanks to the special blend of mercury and metal halide in the arc tube, "HMI" lamps generate the 6000K color temperature required to match natural daylight, making them very effective for stage lighting and large screen projection applications.


Base SFc15.5
Bulb Type High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90
Color Temperature (K) 6000K
Diameter (in) 1.06
Lamp Finish Clear
Luminous Flux (LM) 110000
Maximum Overall Length (in) 8.66
Rated Life (Hours) 1000
Shape Double-Ended
Voltage (V) 100V
Wattage (W) 1200W


Equipment Usage Reference:
  • Arri 512-200(Arri HMI1200)
  • Desisti Lighting Raffaello 2010
  • FAL Daylight 1200EB
  • FAL New Opera 1200 MK2
  • FAL Opera 1200 EB MK2
  • FAL Voyager 1200EB
  • Lampo Vogue 1200 HMI
  • Lampo-Sagitter Infinity Club 1200 HMI
  • Lampo-Sagitter Infinity Live 1200 HMI
  • Lampo-Sagitter Inifinity MSZ 1200 HMI
  • Lampo-Sagitter Tracer 1200 HMI
  • Mole Richardson 6151 (HMI Mole Solar-Arc 1200W)
  • Mole Richardson 6251 Mole Solar-Arc HMI1200
  • Mole Richardson 6301 Mole Solar-Arc HMI1200
  • Mole Richardson HMI Mole Solar-Arc 1200W
  • Mole Richardson Mole Solar-Arc 1200W
  • Omnisistem Lancer 1200 Followspot
  • Omnisistem Orland Followspot
  • Omnisistem PR-1211
  • Omnisistem PR-2902 HMI
  • Omnisistem Solo 1200 Moving Yoke HMI
  • Omnisistem W1163L
  • Robert Juliat Lucy
  • Robert Juliat Super Korrigan
  • SGM Galileo II 1200 Scanner 1200W
  • SGM Galileo IV 1200 Scanner
  • SGM Newton 1200 Follow Spot
  • Strand Lighting Fresnel QTZCOLOR 10-IN 1200W HMI
  • Strand Lighting Softlights QTZCOLOR 1200W
  • STRONG 41080L Truss Trouper
  • STRONG 41080M Truss Trouper
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  • STRONG Truss Trouper
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