Osram EVV 64350 - 58285 - 110W 6.6A GZ9.5 Base Airfield Lamp

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Osram 64350 EVV 110W 100X1 Airfield Lamp

OSRAM Airfield lamps are made on state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to yield high-quality lamps with precision filament alignment. The result is high-performing lamps that are reliable and provide consistent light output through the rated lifetime.

Cross Reference:
- Osram 58285 - 64350
- Osram 58854 - EVV 115W 6.6A
- GE 10099 GE EVV 120W 6.6A GZ9.5 base
- USHIO 1003036 EVV JF6.6A-120WB 120W 6.6A GZ9.5

Product features and benefits
  • Low maintenance costs due to long lamp life
  • Reliable and consistent light output enhances visibility over the life of the lamp
  • FAA approved in conjunction with many OEM fixtures
  • Durable construction provides resistance to the effects of vibration
  • Broad product portfolio for runway, taxiway, and approach lighting
  • IR radiation provides guidance in low visibility conditions
  • Flicker-free operation
  • Ability to reduce light output when needed
Areas of Applications
  • Airfield Lighting


Product Name 64350EVV110W100X1 100/CS 1/SKU
Base GZ9.5 2-Pin Prefocus
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Filament C-6
Rated Life (Hours) 500
Shape T13.5
Voltage (V) 15.2V
Wattage (W) 110W