OSRAM HMI Digital 4000W GX38 base 6000K Metal Halide bulb

OSRAM HMI Digital 4000W GX38 base 6000K Metal Halide bulb

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Osram HMI Digital 4000W metal halide bulb - GX38 base, single end, 6000K, UV stop quartz. Excellent hot-restart. Application: FILM, TV & VIDEO PRODUCTION

Weather using film or shooting with a digital camera in modes of 1000 Hz and higher, the OSRAM HMI DIGITAL line has a lamp for your production. While specially designed to accommodate evolving, high-speed film technology, HMI DIGITAL still provides every feature needed to light traditional film productions, as well as theater stages.

The Osram 55081 HMI DIGITAL 4000W is the direct replacement with the same performance characteristics for Osram 54321 HMI 4000 W/SE XS. The only difference is the new lamp is designed to also operate more smoothly at higher operating frequencies on newer fixtures with high-speed ballasts.

Product Benefits:

  • Flicker-free when used with high-speed electronic ballasts (1000 Hz and Higher)
  • Suited for both film and digital production
  • Up to 99.9% less UV emissions (for ones equipped with UV-Stop)
  • Color temperature of 6000K for realistic, naturally-lit scenes
  • High color rendering index of >90, exposing true-to-life colors
  • Extremely bright light of up to 100 lumens per watt
  • Dimmable
  • Hot restart capability
  • Improved stability and design
  • Round moly-foil construction that evenly distributes heat and current, thus extending lamp life
  • Splash-proof carrying case is reusable and allows lamps to be transported safely


Manufacturer OSRAM
Part Number 55081
UPC 046135543210
EAN 4052899984301
Abbreviation Name HMI DIGITAL 4000W/SEL
Base GX38
Bulb Type High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)
Color Temperature (K) 6000K
Diameter (in) 2.95
Maximum Overall Length (in) 9.84
Luminous Flux (LM) 380,000
Rated Life (Hours) 500
Shape Single Ended
Voltage (V) 200V
Wattage (W) 4000W
CA Prop 65 Yes
CA Prop 65 Material Mercury

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