OSRAM Lok-it HTI 700W/75/P28 700w 7500k Metal Halide light Bulb

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Lamp replacement made easier, faster and safer with one-touch twist & lock base. Metal Halide and Tungsten Halogenl amps available "Metal Halide lamps" have eXtreme Seal (XS) technology allowing 450ºC at the pinch seal Two Base Sizes: PGJX50 & PGJX28 Interchangeable with other PGJX50 and PGJX28 lamps and sockets due to universal base design Lok-it lamps used with Lok-it sockets make for an optimized system solution

Cross Reference:
- OSRAM 54221 HTI 700W/75/P28 Lok-it!
- PHILIPS MSR Gold 700/2 MiniFastFit
- Koto EasyFit KSR700/7200K/PGJX28


Manufacturer OSRAM
PartNumber 54221
UPC 046135542213
EAN 4008321510549
AbbreviationName HTI700W75P28LOKIT
Base PGJX28
BulbType HighIntensityDischargeBulbs(HID)
ColorRenderingIndex(CRI) 85
ColorTemperature(K) 7500K
Diameter(in) 0.787
LuminousFlux(LM) 50000
MaximumOverallLength(in) 4.60
RatedLife(Hours) 750
Shape T1
Wattage(W) 700W
CAProp65 Yes
CAProp65Material Mercury

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OSRAM LOK it Family


The MSR Gold 700/2 MiniFastFit bulbs is used in following equipment
- Acme XP-700 SZ
- Acme XP-700A BEAM
- Acme Xperior 700A Beam
- Acme Xperior 700SZ Spot
- Chauvet Legend 700
- Chauvet LEGEND 700E Beam
- Chauvet LEGEND 700E Spot
- Clay Paky Alpha BEAM 700
- Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700
- Clay Paky Alpha Profile/Beam/Wash 700 ST Version
- Clay Paky Alpha Spot HP 700
- Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700
- Clay Paky Alpha Wash 700
- Clay Paky Alpha Wash 700 Grand
- Coemar Infinity ACL M
- Coemar Infinity ACL SM
- Coemar Infinity Spot M
- Coemar Infinity Spot/Wash M
- Coemar Infinity Wash M
- D.T.S. XR750 Wash
- Fine Art Fine I 700E Beam
- Fine Art Fine I 700E Performance
- Fine Art Fine I 700E Spot
- Fine Art Fine I 700E Wash
- Isolution isolution XP 700SZ MN
- Isolution isolution XP-700beam MN
- Isolution isolution XP-700SZ MN
- Isolution isolution XP-700WZ MN
- Jolly Hongcai FL-700 Beam PF
- Jolly Hongcai FL-700 Spot PF
- Jolly Hongcai FL-700SPOT PF
- Jolly Hongcai MH-700 BEAM
- Jolly Hongcai MH-700 SPOT
- PROEL Arrow Compact 700 Beam
- PROEL Arrow Compact 700 Spot
- SGM Elettronica G700 Beam
- SGM Elettronica G700 Spot
- SGM Elettronica G700 Wash
- SGM Elettronica Synthesis 700 Spot
- SGM Elettronica Synthesis 700 Wash