PHILIPS Ceramic ST 250HR 250w GZZ9.5 Base HID Light Bulb

PHILIPS Ceramic ST 250HR 250w GZZ9.5 Base HID Light Bulb

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Philips Ceramic ST 250HR HID Light Bulb. These lamps can be replaced quickly and easily and consume only a fraction of the energy of an equivalent halogen. What's more, they last many times longer than halogen lamps, so even more costs are saved via fewer lamp replacements. Their compact size and dramatically smaller heat dissipation compared to halogen mean that more compact, lightweight fixtures can be used with fewer cooling features. And finally, their excellent color rendering and homogeneous beam quality create a truly breath-taking experience. Benefits - Easy and fast lamp replacement - More compact and lighter fixture designs possible - Due to 4 times less heat production compared to halogen 1000W, smaller fixtures can be used and less cooling is needed. - Due to 4 times less power consumption for same light level as halogen 1000W, your energy costs will be 4 times less. - Attractive cost of ownership, less replacement costs. Lifespan up to 16 times longer than halogen 1000W. - Discharge lamp of 3200K color temperature with excellent color characteristics and homogeneous beam quality. Features - Philips FastFit lamps concept - Ceramic Discharge Technology.


Base GZY9.5
Bulb Type High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90
Color Temperature (K) 3200K
Bulb Shape T7
Luminous Flux (LM) 23000
Maximum Overall Length (in) 4.96
Rated Life (Hours) 4000
Wattage (W) 250W
CA Prop 65 Yes
CA Prop 65 Material Mercury


The Ceramic ST 250 HR bulbs is used in following equipment
- Altman CDM TV 250
- ARRI Studio Ceramic 250
- ARRI X Ceramic 250
- Cinepower Sunny 250 ST
- De Sisti C.S.T. 25B
- De Sisti C.S.T. 25F
- De Sisti C.S.T. 25P
- De Sisti C.S.T. 2SP,F,B
- F.A.L. Ceramic 250 fixture
- LDR Canto 250 HR
- Mole - Richardson CST 250 fixture
- Philips Selecon Pacific CST 250
- Sachtler Director II Universal Ceramic 250W
- Spotlight Area 250 ST
- Spotlight Figura 250 ST
- Spotlight Vario 250 ST