Philips D2S Xenon X-tremeVision 4800K HID Automotive Bulb

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Philips D2S Xenon X-tremeVision 4800K HID Bulb is Made in Germany. Producing up to 50% more vision, this high-power xenon lighting solution provides maximum brightness for maximum visibility to satisfy the needs of the most demanding drivers. Philips Xenon X-tremeVision is the ultimate choice for drivers.
Feel safe and drive safely with brighter lights - This outstanding light performance extends your driving limits, so you enjoy a safer, more comfortable drive.
The spectral composition of this light is adapted to the natural colour sensitivity of your eye. And with a colour temperature of 4800 K, this headlamp produces light that's gentle on your eyes, making the night-time driving experience safer and more comfortable.
To actively tackle this issue, Philips has now added a unique Certificate of Authenticity to every single Xenon HID bulb they produce. Any bulb now purchased without the Certificate could be a fake and should be avoided. Every single bulb that we sell features the Certificate of Authenticity on the packaging.

- Made From Germany
- Brand: Philips
- Bulb type: Xenon X-tremeVision
- Base: PK32d-2
- Lumens: 3200 ±450 lm
- Color Temperature: 4800K
- Voltage: 85V
- Wattage: 35W
- Rated Life: 2,500 hrs
- HID Light Bulb

Compatible Manufacturer Part Number:
- Acura: 33116-SL0-003
- Honda: 33116-ST7-003
- Audi: N10445701 (Replaces N 10445701; N10-445-701)
- BMW/Mini: 63-21-7-160-806 (Replaces 63-21-0-398-155)
- Cadillac: 13501591
- Honda: 33116-SL0-003
- Infinity: 26297-9F510
- Jaguar: C2S15072
- Lexus: 90981-20005
- Mazda: 0000-11-D2S
- Mitsubishi: mu820005
- Mercedes-Benz: 910139-000001
- Mopar Chrysler: 5103354AA
- Nissan: 26297-9B91A
- Porsche: 999-631-036-90
- Saab: 12790588
- Volkswagen: N-104-457-01


OEM Part Numbers D2S
Technology Xenon X-tremeVision
Base Type PK32d-2
Color Clear Glass
Wattage 35
Voltage 85
Bulb Shape T3
Filament ARCGAP
Lumen 3200 ±450 lm
Color Temp (Kelvin) 4800K
Rated Life 2,500 hrs
Application High/Low Beam
Certification ECE
UPC 8727900364446

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