SFC10-4 lamp holder for SharkXS lamps - 69004 Socket Replacement

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SFC10-4 lamp holder for SharkXS lamps - 69004 Socket Replacement

Lampholders, also referred as sockets, are key drivers of performance in any lighting system, and provide a safe, reliable connection to an electrical power source. Bulbamerica socket products are of the highest quality in order to provide a safe and reliable connection that maximizes the life and performance of the lamp and socket system.

The standard SFc10-4 Lampholder is designed with a flat support at the bottom.
This version is used by Martin Pro (MAC 2000, MAC 2K XB), Vari-Lite (VL3000 & 3500 Series), PR Lighting, and many more lighting fixtures for use with the SharXS family of lamps.

This lamp holder is for bulbs with SFC10-4 base, with 5.31 in overall length
- Lamp Wattage's: All SharXS HTI (5.31 in overall length)
- HMI 575 W/GS
- HTI 1200W/D7/60 SHARXS
- HTI 1200W/D7/75 SHARXS
- HTI 1500W/D7/60 SHARXS
- HTI 400W/D3/75 SHARXS
- HTI 575W/D4/60 SHARXS
- HTI 575W/D4/75 SHARXS
- HTI 700W/D4/60 SHARXS
- HTI 700W/D4/75 SHARXS
- MSR Gold 400W SA/2/DE
- MSR Gold 1200W SA/DE
- MSR Gold 1200W SA/2/DE
- MSR Gold 700W SA/2/DE
- MSR Gold 1500W SA/DE
- Lamp Base Spacing (A): 4.52
- Pulse Rating: 25kV
- Qualifications: UL Recognized
- E31557, CSA Certified
- LR209043 Dielectric breakdown rating of 15kV as UL certified

SFc10-4 socket is for all the SHARX family of lamps and the HMI 575W/DXS, excluding Baby SharXS bulbs

- Baby SharXS ALSO say SFc10-4 for their base, but even though the lamp base is technically an SFc10-4 design, it is a shorter lamp length, so wont fit in the socket.
- Socket has the key-lock feature and will work with keyed bulbs only.
- The name SFc10-4 is based on the diameter of the base (10 mm) and the M4 screw threads, not on the length of the lamp.
- ONLY the SFc10-4 lamps have the Pre-focus notch to match our lampholders. (No notch on the SFc15.5 for instance).

Cross Reference:
- Osram 69004 SFC10-4 115MM NO LEADS


Application Socket
Base SFC10-4
Contact Material Nickel Plated Nickel
Operation Temperature (F) 482
Type SFC10-4
Voltage (V) 1000
Length (in) 5.85 0.05