Stage and Studio 16ch Controller & Dimmer Pack System

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Stage and Studio 16ch Controller & Dimmer Pack System

Included in package:

  • 1xMATRIX Stage 16ch Controller,

  • 2xMATRIX DMX 4ch. Double Output Dimmer Pack,

  • 2x25 foot XLR extension cable.

MATRIX Stage 16ch. Lighting Console

Key Features:

  • 16 total DMX channels
  • 8 built in Chases
  • 16 programmable Chases- 100 steps each
  • 16 individual channel faders
  • 16 bump buttons
  • Glide & Go functions
  • Kill function
  • Tap Sync button for speed / fade override
  • Independent Speed & Fade control
  • Master fader- assigned to all 16 channels
  • Mix Chase function
  • Full-On button for 100% momentary output to all 24 channels
  • Bright LCD display
  • Audio input and built in microphone for music sync functions
  • Audio level fader
  • Fog Machine input and trigger button
  • One 3 Pin DMX XLR output
  • Polarity switch (2-, 3+, / 2+, 3-)
  • Midi In, Out & Thru connectors
  • Foot control input
  • Power: 23V. / 12V DC, 500mA. (Included) *Also available in 110V
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 8" x 19 x 3
  • Weight: 9 lbs

Warranty:6 Months Manufacturer warranty.

MATRIX DMX 4ch. Double Output Dimmer Pack


  • Mode button - this button will change the power packs operate mode between DMX and chaser.
  • Menu button - this button will activate the different functions in DMX and chase modes.
  • Up button - this button will increase the displayed value in the LCD display.
  • Down button - this button will decrease the displayed value in the LCD display.
  • Power output - 3 prong grounded Edison output sockets or 8 total output sockets.
  • Green LED indicators - these LED will indicate their relevant channel activity.
  • LED display - this multifunction display will detail all chase and procreativity that pertains to the current operating to the current operating mode of the pack.
  • Channel fuses - each of the four channels is protected by 10A (120V) or 6.3A(230V) fuse. These fuses prevent you from overloading and damaging your pack. Be sure to always replace with the exact same type fuse.
  • Power switch - this switch controls the units main power.
  • Power cord - plug this cord into a matching power supply for your area.
  • DMX input - this connector accepts your DMX input signal.
  • DMX output - this connector sends your DMX input signal through to the next DMX device.
  • 5 ft. power cord

Warranty:1 Year Manufacturer warranty

25 foot XLR extension cable


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MATRIX STAGE 16ch Manual

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