USHIO 3000313 G64T5L 64 Watts Germicidal UVC T-5 Single Pin Base & Clear Finish

USHIO 3000313 G64T5L 64 Watts Germicidal UVC T-5 Single Pin Base & Clear Finish

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USHIO 3000313 G64T5L Germicidal lamps are low pressure mercury arc lamps that emit radiation peaking at 253.7nm (UV-C).
Designed by experienced engineers, and by using quality material in combination with a tightly controlled manufacturing process, we provide high quality lamps free of impurities to maintain strong and stable output throughout the life of the lamp.
Our USHIO G64T5L Germicidal lamps are manufactured at an ISO9001 certified facility. Emphasis on quality control and our large production capacity makes us an ideal OEM partner for providing consistent quality lamps with reliable delivery.
The USHIO 3000313 G64T5L lamps are components which may be used by customers to manufacture a variety of finished products.

- Low Mercury Dose to Meet Environmental Demands
- Specially Formulated Coating Achieves High Output Over Long Life Hours
- High Purity Lamp Construction to Stabilize UV Output and Minimizes Depreciation (Averages 20-25% Depreciation at End of Life)
- Large Production Capacity Providing Lamps with Consistent Quality and Reliable Delivery
- Flexible Design Capability for Custom Lamp Development.
- EPA Approved: Ushio EPA # Est.96093-JPN-1

- Drinking Water
- Wastewater
- Air Conditioning System
- Pharmaceutical Processing
- Food Processing Facility
- Packaging Materials
- Laboratory/Research
- Photochemistry
- Clean Room
- Other Sterilization and Disinfection Needs


Product Series Germicidal
Lamp Description G64T5L
Prod. ID / ANSI Code G64T5L
Item Type Low Pressure UV
Base Single Pin
Shape T5
Bulb Finish Clear
Front Glass Cover No
Wattage 65w
Volts 250v
Lamp current (A) 0.425
Length (in) 61.17
Diameter (in) 0.61
Spectral Peak 253.7
UV Output 27
Rated Life 9000 hours
Ozone Free Yes
Case Qty 50
EPA Approved Ushio EPA # Est.96093-JPN-1

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