One of the many great features about RGB LED lights is their ability to produce an incredible array of different colors. Now, with our selection of LED Controllers from Platinum and Optima, you can control the colors of your RGB LED light bulbs with the simple click of a button.

The OPTIMA LIGHTING RGB LED Strip Controller with Remote can be used to drive and control any RGB SMT LED strip in conjunction with a suitable 12/24v DC power supply. Simply connect the controller to your RGB LED strip and control current, color and brightness. The included remote control allows for comprehensive controlling features from up to 50 meters away.

From Platinum, we currently have in stock the PLATINUM Music LED IR Remote Controller and the PLATINUM Small Remote Controller for RGB LED. The former is compatible only with RGB-E27-XM Sound Sensitive light bulbs, while the latter can control RGB-GU10-LED, RGB-E27-LED and RGB-MR16-LED bulbs. With both, users get comprehensive color selection controls and Auto Flash and pre-Fade functions. With the PLATINUM Music LED IR Remote Controller, users can activate built-in music sensitivity features for LED color responsiveness to music and other sounds.

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