LED Strips

LED lighting technology is revolutionizing the way homeowners and businesses light up their facilities for holidays and special occasions. LED bulbs are far more energy efficient than other light sources and they're also extremely long-lasting (about 20 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs), so you'll hardly ever have to change them. This means lower maintenance costs. For individuals and companies trying to "go green," the decreased energy consumption of LED lamps and the longer lifespan are big advantages.

Because LEDs lend themselves to compact construction, there are many unique possibilities for next-generation lighting products, such as LED tubes, LED packages and these white and color LED light strips. These small individual LED lights have many uses as sophisticated holiday decorative lighting for restaurants, bars, retail stores, apartment complexes, private homes and many other facilities. They're frequently used as accent lighting, display lighting, garden lighting and even supplemental lighting for aisles, stairways and elsewhere, both for appearance and for safety. LED lights (strips) create a warm yet elegant atmosphere.

With their 3M tape backing, these bright LED strip lights are easy to mount just about anywhere - just peel off and stick on. Some models are even waterproof, so they can be used outdoors and in other wet environments. Choose from various styles and color temperatures such as warm white, cool white, RGB and fixed color. The RGB color changing strips provide alternating colors that are controlled by preset patterns. We also have LED strip packages, LED tubes and essential equipment like LED controllers and LED power supplies. Note that LED strips require a power supply to operate.

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