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OSRAM Sylvania Bulbs for special lighting in entertainment and industry

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OSRAM Sylvania lighting does not only cover bulbs for everyday applications like home, business, retail, and restaurant lighting; they offer a wide selection of specialty lamps within the entertainment and industry sectors. With cutting edge lighting solutions, OSRAM Sylvania offers the right products for many applications. Discover the wide range of Entertainment and Industry Lighting Solutions.

OSRAM Sylvania remains an industry leader in lighting solutions, serving professionals across a wide range of applications. High performance, quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our long history and continue to be our focus today.

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Powerful – Consistent – Reliable – Controllable: these are critical requirements for Entertainment Lighting Solutions. Whether it be for concerts, clubs, studios, or theatres OSRAM Sylvania has the perfect solution. Well known industry brands, including HMI®, HTI®, SharXS®, SIRIUS HRI® and Lok-it!® Power Series are at the forefront of the OSRAM entertainment portfolio, not to mention the tried-and-true performance of OSRAM HPL lamps along with its full line of traditional halogen lamps. Lighting designers, electricians, gaffers, photographers, and performers alike all rely on the benefits of OSRAM quality, performance and reliability. 

Osram Applications


Experience precise and reliable performance for Industrial Lighting Solutions made by OSRAM Sylvania. Offering a comprehensive line of lamps, OSRAM serves a broad range of applications for medical, scientific, and laboratory fields as well as industrial areas including airfield lighting and purification.

Medical, dental and laboratory professionals rely on well-known OSRAM brands including XBO and Halogen HLX that provide superior color rendering for proper visualization, as well as HBO and HXP lamps that provide consistent broad spectrum output for microscopy and analysis. OSRAM’s long history of providing high performance, high quality light sources results in reliability you can count on.

For Airfield lighting you can trust the precise and reliable performance of the OSRAM 6.6A Current Controlled Halogen lamps. They provide the best optical performance for the illumination of runways, taxiways and approach lighting.

Even when it comes to disinfection and purification, OSRAM Sylvania provides a chemical-free solution. OSRAM PURITEC® HNS® are special germicidal lamps for the effective disinfection of air, water and surfaces – using only the power of UV radiation.

Osram Industrial Applications