HMI® Lamps
Product Benefits:
  • High intensity light providing true color performance with a CRI>90
  • Strong color stability with average changes in color temperature during lamp life of only 1°K/hr
  • Color temperature of 6000K with a CRI>90
  • Enhanced safety with UV-Stop (UVS) feature on selected HMI single-end lamps
  • Heat dissipating, round moly-foil design provides extended lifetime for lamps ≥ 6000W
  • Mechanically robust with eXtreme Seal (XS) technology, up to 450°C at the pinch seal​
  • Capable of hot restrike ignition
  • Up to 40% dimmable maintaining stable color with many electronic ballasts
  • High energy efficiency providing 100 LPW​​
  • HMI DIGITAL lamps offer improved stability to support the higher demands of digital cameras
  • HMI STUDIO lamp family offers all the features of HMI technology with a warm color temperature


Bring bright, true color to the Film and TV industry, with OSRAM HMI lamps. Over the years HMI has been a tried-and-true industry standard. As times change, OSRAM continues to meet the increasing demands in studio lighting by offer new and innovative HMI solutions. The HMI DIGITAL line of single end lamps offers flicker-free operation when run on high speed ballasts to meet the growing needs of digital cameras. Also, the addition of HMI STUDIO lamps now offers a warm-white HMI solution without the use of CTO filters or the need for separate tungsten fixtures on set. Experience all the benefits with the enhanced line of OSRAM HMI lamps.


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