PAR56 Cans


Many venues, mobile DJs, and traveling bands don’t need the power of PAR 64 cans and opt for smaller PAR56 cans for their stage lighting. By using too large and powerful a PAR can consumers risk out shining the rest of their other lights and blinding your audience. ‘PAR’ stands for parabolic aluminized reflector; a PAR lamp has a sealed beam and has a construction similar to an automobile headlight.
PAR cans, like PAR can lamps, are differentiated by size: a "PAR56 can" is 7in in diameter and is used with 300w and 500w PAR halogen lamps. Though there are more technologically sophisticated lighting options out their for theater techs and lighting designers, PAR 56 cans continue to be among the most popular general theatre lighting options because they are durable, inexpensive, easy to replace, and use easily replaceable lamp. We have all of your "PAR can 56" needs taken care of so check out what have to offer today.