Triple Tubes

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If you have an overhead light fixture or lamp that requires triple tube light bulbs, ensure that you adequately check all parameters to order a bulb that will integrate with your fixture. BulbAmerica can help you determine the best triple tube light bulb for your home, office, or store. Watch one of the helpful videos that will break down how to read your fixtures and bulbs to know exactly which ones will fit where.

Among three tube fluorescent bulbs, there are a variety of different bases and specific models. If you order a bulb that does not exactly match the base of your fixture, it will not attach or turn on properly. BulbAmerica offers all types of bulbs so you are sure to find a match in this selection of three tube light bulbs.

If your fixture has a 2-pin base, there are several bulbs available from USHIO and Satco. Most of these models are 4-pin bases but the base can vary with different notches and configurations. A GX24D-2 is a 4-pin base but has notches and openings in different places than a GX24Q-1. Other varieties include GX24Q-2, GX24Q-3, GX24Q-4 and GX24Q-5. Use these helpful diagrams to see how they differ. Red arrows point at the notches and key differences to help you see the variety.

With fluorescent light bulbs, you will get a brighter light than with most incandescent bulbs and other varieties. If you are working in an area that requires high visibility, make use of these triple tube fluorescent lights. With such a varied selection, BulbAmerica makes it easy to find bulbs that differ according to wattage. You can even select a range of colors-from warmer to cooler whites. Determine the base and configuration of your bulbs and then choose the specific model that best suits your preferences.