To meet your lighting needs, the 4-pin GX24Q-1 fluorescent bulb is available in several different models and colors. Fluorescent bulbs use 40-70% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and are 5-8 times brighter.

BulbAmerica offers models made by Sylvania, Satco and USHIO. Check out the selection of 13-watt Triple Tube 4-pin bulbs with plug-in bases. If you need a dimmable bulb, see the USHIO 13w 91v CF13TE/835 and select the color variance that best suits your lighting preferences. For example, the 2700K bulbs will produce yellowish white to reddish light while bulbs over 5,000K will produce cooler colors. GX24Q-1 fluorescent bulbs are available at BulbAmerica in 4.2 inch and 4.4 inch models.

BulbAmerica offers informational videos to help you select the best fluorescent bulbs for your light fixtures. To brighten up your home or workplace, shop BulbAmerica for long-lasting fluorescent bulbs to fit your 4-pin fixtures.