PAR38 Can


If you are searching for lighting for smaller theaters and stages, for medium-sized venues, clubs and bars, for DJ lighting systems or for churches, PAR 38 cans are a good choice. These cans give off plenty of light but will not overwhelm and overpower your surroundings and audience. They use bulbs that are widely available, which makes them easy and inexpensive to maintain. At BulbAmerica, we stock a big supply of PAR 38 cans, bulbs, can packages and accessories so you can find exactly the right lighting products to fit your situation and budget. And our expert staff is just a phone call or computer click away if you have any questions.

Our PAR 38 cans suit a wide variety of entertainment and architectural situations. With the correct bulb wattage and dimmer pack channel amperage, you can control multiple PAR 38 cans on single channels, giving you the ability to provide some spectacular lighting effects. You'll find our PAR 38 cans in black or polished chrome, providing flexibility in fitting them into your design or event theme. We have PAR 38 cans featuring lightweight construction that makes them easy to transport as well as PAR 38 cans with gel frames suitable for mobile use or permanent installation.

BulbAmerica also stocks a big assortment of PAR 38 bulbs so you can fit the application you have in mind. Wattages range from bright, efficient 38-watt xenon halogen light bulbs ideal for commercial hospitality and retail use to 175-watt heat bulbs for providing warmth as well as illumination.

If you're looking for a setup with components made to work together, look no further than BulbAmerica's PAR 38 can packages. These packages are available in a variety of layouts ranging from a matched pair of PAR 38 cans and a pair of PAR 38 bulbs to more elaborate sets that include eight PAR 38 cans along with compatible bulbs, dimmer and C-clamps. Some of these package deals are also available with stands and trusses for holding the cans exactly where you want them.

Of course, we also have all the accessories you will ever need for your PAR 38 system, ranging from cables and adapters to gel frames and sheets.