Single Tube 4-Pin

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When your light goes out, examine the base to determine which type of bulb to order from BulbAmerica. There are a range of single tube 4-pin models available that integrate for a wide variety of fixtures for all sorts of purposes. From a simple overhead light to a bulb used for sterilization, these bulbs are highly specific. Discover the model that works best for you and then choose from the range of brands sold through BulbAmerica.

If you have a 2G11 fixture, this bulb will feature a very long tube with a 4-pin base. The base will be 1.7" across. 2G7 bases are 1.4" across but also feature the single tube design. 2GX7 is another, slightly different base that also measures 1.4". FUL lights are another model available. Check your light fixture before placing an order to ensure that the bulbs you order will fit seamlessly into your overhead light or lamp.

For these models, UV bulbs are also available. Note that these bulbs are only used for special applications and are not generally needed by the average customer. These bulbs are frequently used for medical use, water purification and sterilization. If your lighting needs require this type of technology, then explore the UV fluorescent bulbs sold from BulbAmerica to meet all of your needs.

Find light bulbs from popular brands like Sylvania, Philips, USHIO and more. Based on the base, design, wattage and color preference, determine which 2G11 light bulb, 2G7 light bulb, 2GX7 light bulb or FUL bulb is suitable for your fixture. If you are not sure which bulb might work best with your lights, view one of the informative BulbAmerica videos on selecting bulbs for your light fixtures. With our simple guidance, you can be sure to order the bulb that you need to maximize the light in your living space or office.