PAR Halogen Bulbs

PAR bulbs are incandescent, tungsten-halogen, metal halide lamps that produce light through an electric arc, and they have a hard glass cover which is airtight and sealed to the reflecting surface. Inside, the bulbs are unalterable and have specifically-placed lenses that control the total beam spread - which tends to have more of a "hard" light beam edge.

BR bulbs are either incandescent or electric discharge lamps and they have a bulged reflector - hence the name "BR." The blown glass bulb's outer sides are coated with a reflecting material that directs the light, and the light transmission pattern itself can be either clear or frosted. The BR bulbs' beam spread is more of a "soft" edge compared with PAR bulbs.

The number after the PAR or BR indicates the diameter of the bulb in terms of 1/8ths of an inch. The higher the number means the larger the bulb is. The light bulbs in this collection go from PAR 16 (2 inches - for indoor home decorative spotlighting, for example) to PAR 64 (8 inches - for headlights on commercial trucks, for example).

The bulbs can offer security by being installed as floodlights at residences, or can enhance a showcase with spotlighting that illuminates valuables or antique items. Opt for different beam sizes and colors to create the perfect look, and note the special features designed to protect objects from illumination UV rays.

With more than 500 individual bulbs to choose from by high-quality brands like GE, Luxrite, Philips and PLATINUM, this collection offers the most comprehensive lighting for any purpose. Get the right light at the right price for you.