Reflector Incandescent

When you have to rely on a single light bulb or two to provide you with a wide spread of light, reflector bulbs have you covered. These bulbs are designed with built-in reflectors that generate a flood or spot beam spread ideal for areas that need lots of light. While there are several types of reflector bulbs on the market today (including LEDs and CFLs), many property owners elect to use traditional incandescents, which are both economical and reliable, for their reflector bulb applications. Here at BulbAmerica, we proudly carry a wide selection of incandescent reflector light bulbs available in various sizes in both R and BR builds. Learn more about both of these builds below, and order your brand-name reflector.

R Bulbs

R bulbs are the original reflector bulbs. The "R" stands for - you guessed it - "reflector." .These bulbs are significantly smaller than their BR counterparts and thus cast a smaller spread of light. They're best used for applications where only a moderately large amount of light is needed, or where BRs simply won't fit.

BR Bulbs

Bulging reflector (BR) bulbs feature a "bulged" head with a larger reflector than traditional R bulbs. This larger reflector enables BR bulbs to cast a larger beam of light more efficiently than their R cousins. BR bulbs are thus often used in exterior lighting applications where a lot of light is needed to cover a large area.

The Industry's Best Brands at the Internet's Lowest Prices

Whether you are looking for R or BR incandescent bulbs, our team here at BulbAmerica has the high-quality selection to meet your needs. We proudly carry a number of different sizes and styles from the industry's top brands, including Philips, Satco, Osram Sylvania and our very own in-house manufacturing team. Simply click on the links to browse our sizes and styles and find the perfect reflector bulb for your needs. When you're ready to checkout, select your item and amount, fill out the requested information and expect reflector bulbs at your door in a few short business days!