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Shopping for Light Bulbs, Bulb America has the largest selection of replacement lamps

Finding the right light bulb is not an easy task. Small details such as the wattage, voltage, base, shape, and color temperature of the bulb can make or break the atmosphere desired for your space.

BulbAmerica supplies you with a variety of options to ensure you find the light bulb that is suited perfectly to your needs.

BulbAmerica wants to help make finding the right Light Bulb simple. After all, there are a number of attributes to consider when buying a bulb such as beam angles, lumen's, shapes, wattage, color temperature, and other energy efficient factors that all truly matter. This is especially important as this choice will reflect how you are going to light up your home, office, business, stage, or studio.

That is why BulbAmerica offers the largest selection of "Light Bulbs" on the Internet at the most competitive prices. We work directly with Philips, Osram Sylvania, GE bulbs, Ushio, Platinum, Satco, Sunlite, Luxrite and every other bulb manufacturer on a regular basis to make sure you are getting the best products at the best pricing. More importantly, we are here to assist you in finding the right bulb and furthermore will guarantee that you are happy with your purchase. So buy with peace of mind and let us help brighten up your day.

BulbAmerica offers light bulbs with the latest in lighting technology including AluPAR lamps and IR MR16 halogen GE bulbs and high performing MSD and MSR bulbs from Philips to name just a few. From projection, to medical applications, and automobiles, we offer GE bulbs for all specialty applications. Consumers trying to save on their energy costs and consumption will find our selection of high performance halogen, CFL, LED and metal halide replacement bulbs perfect for reducing energy draws while maintaining excellent light quality and desirable color temperature for premium bulbs. For parties, creative lighting, and specialty outdoor lighting, check out our colored and color changing LED bulbs to add a splash of color to your ambient wherever you need it. In addition to light bulbs, we have a large catalog of lighting accessories which include projector lamps, automotive bulbs, lamp sockets and holders, chain switches, DYS bulb reflectors, drop lights, night lights, and lamp starters so you can perfect your lighting.

We stock all of the major brands including Osram bulbs, Philips bulbs, GE bulbs, Ushio bulbs, Sylvania Bulbs, and more so you can be sure that the light bulb you purchase is of the highest quality. Check out our huge selection!