Colored Light Bulbs


Nothing sets the mood in a room like lighting. The right type of lighting can do wonders for a space, while the wrong type of lighting can throw everything out of balance. Soft, warm light can make a room feel relaxing - even sleepy. Bright lights can help increase productivity and alertness. If you are looking to bring a totally different tone to your room, consider adding color to light fixtures with colored light bulbs. Here at BulbAmerica, we proudly carry a wide selection of brand-name colored light bulbs available in a range of sizes and styles to meet the needs of any space. Read on to learn more about our available colored light bulbs and order yours with safe and secure shipping from our team today!

Comprehensive Colors and Styles

Colored light bulbs are a highly-effective and highly-affordable way to completely transform a room. Whether you are throwing a party, decorating for the holidays or simply trying to bring a new mood to your space, changing the color of your light will help greatly in achieving your desired effect. To help you do just that, we've stocked our inventory with the industry's latest colored lighting solutions to fit any fixture. Browse our selection for colored fluorescent bulbs, LEDs, classic A-shaped light bulbs, black lights and more!

Brand Names at Low Prices

No matter what type of colored light you're looking for, our inventory here at BulbAmerica has the brand-name solutions to fit the bill. In our inventory, you'll find industry-leading brands including Philips, GE, Sunlite, Ushio, and many others. Plus, you'll find that we've priced our colored light bulbs as low or lower than any other retailer on the web. Transform your space for only a few dollars - click one of our many categories to find the right colored light bulb to meet your needs and place your order with our team today!