Bi-Pin halogen lights offer precise, perfect lighting for specific industries like science or the arts. The small size (some are as small as 2 inches) makes them very popular, and the more than 400 individual bulb options allow customers to choose exactly what they need for their desired usage. These bulbs must be used in enclosed fixtures.

Uses for these bulbs include installation in microscopes, projectors, stages, televisions, video game systems, and studio equipment. Each bulb is constructed a bit differently by each manufacturer - for example, interior filaments can be easily seen as different. However, all of the bulbs in this collection work in the same way. These bulbs need to be handled correctly - always handle the bulb by the base to plug it into the socket, as the glass is breakable.

The Bi-Pin halogen light is noted for producing a brilliant white light that lasts longer than typical incandescent bulbs. These excellent bulbs are low cost, and satisfaction is guaranteed by BulbAmerica.