When it comes time to replace your fluorescent light bulbs, check your fixture to ensure that you order the correct model. BulbAmerica also offers helpful videos that break down the key things that you need to look for when choosing bulbs. Double tube 2-pin G24d-2 bulbs are used in a variety of applications. If your fixture requires one of these types of bulbs, take a closer look at these available options to determine what will work best for you.

Shop brands like Sylvania, USHIO, Satco, Sunlite, LUXRITE and Philips to find a model that matches your preferences in terms of wattage and color. For a bold, bright light consider the LUXRITE 18w Double Tube 2-Pin. Compact designs are also available like the SUNLITE Compact Fluorescent. For a cool white bulb, consider the Philips 18w 4100K PL-C ALTO 18w/840/2P Double Tube 2-Pin Fluorescent Light Bulb.

With the range of G24d-2 bulbs available from BulbAmerica, you can be sure to find the exact design you are looking for.