Elevate your Christmas tree design to the next level with beautiful Christmas light spheres. These round lighted balls feature various textured faceting, diffusing light in dazzling ways. Light sphere bulbs come in many different colors and sizes, and you can choose packs of 50 lights for small trees, or packs of over 100 lights for large trees. Sets typically include green wires ready to hang around tree branches upon arrival at your home.

Round Spheres with Round Ornaments

It’s no secret that round Christmas ornaments are hugely popular decorative accents. If you’re already a fan of round ornaments, round light spheres are a perfect match for your tree design. Sphere decorative themes go nicely with tree garlands and decorative ribbons.

Beautiful Multicolored Spheres

Do you normally decorate the tree with multicolored lights? Great. Check out the selection of multicolored Christmas light spheres offered at BulbAmerica. This type of light sphere usually features a crystal white ball with numerous multicolored mini lights attached to its surface. The spherical shape gives you an alternative to standard tree light bulbs, and you can have fun pairing these lights with classic or whimsical ornaments.

Customize with Single Color Spheres

Got a custom lighting design in mind? Choose single color light sphere strings for visual enhancement. Decorative spheres come in lively colors such as orange, passionate colors such as purple and traditional colors such as green. Buy two strings in different colors and double the tree’s visual appeal. For instance, you can combine a string of red spheres with a string of green spheres.

Various Light String Sizes

While planning your tree decorations, you may decide you want light spheres of a certain size to create a desired visual effect. Fortunately, these beautiful spheres come in different sizes, making it easier to find the right size you need. For instance, you can pick up a string of green 6-inch light spheres along with a string of clear 7.5-inch light spheres and 10-inch light spheres for your designs.