UV-B Bulbs 

The UV-B segment of the ultraviolet spectrum spans wavelengths from 280nm to 315nm.

Phototherapy UV-B Bulb
Among its diverse applications, UV-B phototherapy bulbs stand out for their therapeutic benefits, especially in treating various skin disorders. In medical settings, specialized UV-B bulbs are harnessed to effectively address conditions like jaundice and other skin disorders.

UVB Bulbs: Vital for Reptile Calcium Absorption and Metabolism
For numerous reptile species, UVB bulbs play a crucial role in facilitating the absorption and metabolism of calcium derived from their diet. These specialized bulbs provide the necessary ultraviolet radiation that enables reptiles to synthesize vitamin D3, a pivotal process for efficient calcium utilization. Without adequate exposure to UVB rays, reptiles may suffer from calcium deficiencies, leading to various health issues and potential complications. Therefore, providing the appropriate UVB lighting is essential in maintaining the well-being of reptiles in captivity, ensuring they can thrive and remain healthy throughout their lives.

Additionally, UV-B finds utility in certain germicidal applications, albeit with less potency than UV-C lights, which are renowned for their powerful disinfection capabilities.