Double Tube 4-pin

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Purchasing fluorescent light bulbs is a specific process and choosing the wrong bulb will likely mean that it will not fit into your light fixture. Let BulbAmerica help you gain an understanding on how to find the perfect bulbs for your overhead fixtures or lamps.

BulbAmerica offers a wide variety of double tube 4-pin bulbs including the 2G11, G24q-1, G24q-2 and G24q-3. Among 4-pin bases, there are still a variety of differences that distinguish one from another. The primary critical difference between these models is the placement of the notches on the base. This can affect the fit, even though there are 4 pins. If you are confused about which bulbs to use, watch one of the BulbAmerica videos that break down the differences between different bases and bulbs.

2G11 light bulbs tend to be long twin tubes that plug into electric ballasts. The G24q-1 base models also include compact options for a little more variety. G24q-2 also offers compact versions and several are available for dimming ballasts. Finally, the G24q-3 light bulbs have comparable wattages and also feature dimmable varieties. As you can see, the primary difference between all of these bulbs is the base and how it will connect to the lighting fixture or lamp.

Once you have determined the base needed, explore some options like color and wattage. If you prefer a soft, warm light or a cooler option, there are a wide variety of options available. You can also read more specifics about the amount of lumens and the specific sizes of standard and compact bulbs. All of the bulbs offered through BulbAmerica are from top brands like Sylvania, GE, SUNLITE and Philips. Find models from trusted lines of light bulbs that are designed specifically to your needs.

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