64514 bulb Ushio 300w 120v 3200k Single Ended Halogen Light Bulb

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This Ushio 64514 bulb is a 300W/120V halogen light bulb. This is an audio/visual market light bulb. Its base is G6.35 2-pin and has a distinctive filament for your applications. The light center length is 1.456 inches. It has a maximum overall length of 2.26 and a diameter of 0.767 inches. The Ushio 64514 has a light output, also known as lumens is 7700 with a rated life of 75 hours. The color temperature is 3200k, and it has a burn position of BD/HZ.


Abbreviation Name 64514
Ansi Code 64514
Base GX6.35 2-Pin
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
Color Temperature (K) 3200K
Filament Special
Lamp Finish Clear
Luminous Flux (LM) 7700
Rated Life (Hours) 75
Shape T6
Voltage (V) 120V
Wattage (W) 300W


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Ushio 1001762 JCD120V-300W


The 64514 bulbs is used in following equipment
- Eurolite B-15
- Eurolite B-19
- Martin Professional Spinner
- Martin Professional The wheeler
- Showtec Derby
- Showtec Elfin
- Showtec Shark
- Showtec Tricorno