69383 bulb Osram P-VIP 100-120/1.3 E23h Original Television Original lamp



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P-VIP 100-120/1.3 E23h Osram Original Replacement Television Bulb that fits into your existing Cage Assembly . Brand New High Quality Original Projector Bulb
Bulb without Cage Assembly
Original Projector BulbThe projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models:Apollo - PL8810Apollo - PL8809Mitsubishi - 915P020010-PVIPMitsubishi - 915P026010-PVIPPanasonic - TY-LA2004-PVIPPanasonic - TY-LA2005-PVIPRCA - 260962RCA - HD61LPW42YX2RCA - HD61LPW42YX3RCA - HD61LPW42YX4RCA - HD61LPW42YX5RCA - HD61LPW42YX6RCA - HD50LPW42RCA - HD50LPW42YXRCA - HD50LPW42YX1RCA - HD50LPW42YX2RCA - HD50LPW42YX3RCA - HD50LPW42YX4RCA - HD61LPW42RCA - HD61LPW42YX1Samsung - HLM617WXSamsung - HLN4365Samsung - HLN4365WSamsung - HLN4365W1XSamsung- HLN4365W1X/XAASamsung- HLN4365WXSamsung- HLN4365WX/XAASamsung- HLN437WSamsung- HLN437W1XSamsung- HLN437W1X/XAASamsung- BP96-00224C Samsung LampSamsung- HLN437WXSamsung- HLN467Samsung- HLN467WSamsung- HLN467WXSamsung- HLN5065Samsung- HLN5065WSamsung- HLN5065W1XSamsung- HLN5065W1X/XAASamsung- HLN5065WXSamsung- HLN5065WX/XAASamsung- BP96-00224D Samsung LampSamsung- HLN507WSamsung- HLN507W1XSamsung- HLN507WXSamsung- HLN567Samsung- HLN567WSamsung- HLN567WXSamsung- HLN617Samsung- HLN617WSamsung- HLN617W1Samsung- HLN617W1XSamsung- BP96-00224E Samsung LampSamsung- HLN617W1X/XAASamsung- HLN617WXSamsung- HLN617WX/XAASamsung- HLP4674WSamsung- HLP5674WSamsung- HLP5674WXSamsung- HLR4677WSamsung- HLR5677WSamsung- HLM437Samsung- HLM437WSamsung- HLM437W1XSamsung- HLM437WXSamsung- HLM617WSamsung- BP96-00224J-PVIP

IMPORTANT:If you are using this bulb in a Zenith Z52SZ80 please check if your bulb is a round or square. If your bulb is square use SKU # 69377-BULBif it is round use SKU # 69383-BULB


Projector Manufacturer's Osram
Projector Models 69383 Bulb
Warranty 90 Days Manufacturers Warranty. Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, light