6Pk - OSRAM 212 150W 118V A21 Photo Enlarger Light Bulbs

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Please note: This item is not for home use! Only used for photography.

OSRAM 212 - 150 watts 118 volts E26 Medium Screw A21 Shape Incandescent Enlarger Bulb
The OSRAM 212 bulbs are used as enlarger bulbs and are widely used in motion picture lighting.
The OSRAM 212 bulbs are evenly diffuse across the surface of the bulb, and have a proper color temperature of 3050K.

- Product Number: 11656
- ANSI CODE: 212 118V
- Color Temp (K): 3050
- Watts: 150
- Volts: 118
- Base: Medium
- Lumens: 2700
- Avg Rated Life (hrs): 200
- Bulb: A21
- Use: Enlarger Bulb

- OSRAM 11656 - 212
- GE 40570 PH/212
- Imported Lamp Code PF605E
- Eiko 03664 PH/212


Brand OSRAM Sylvani
ANSI Code 212
Base E26 Medium Screw
Bulb Type Incandescent Bulbs
Color Temperature (K) 3050K
Filament C-9
Lamp Finish Ceramic White
Luminous Flux (LM) 2700
Maximum Overall Length (in) 4.75
Rated Life (Hours) 200
Shape A21
Voltage (V) 118V
Wattage (W) 150W

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